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👋 Hey there!

Hey there! I'm Keshav, a senior product security engineer at LinkedIn. I specialize in supply chain security, design reviews, and security automation. In my free time, I enjoy building projects and exploring new technologies to expand my knowledge and skills.


Product Security :
Design reviews, Pentesting, Supply chain & LLM security
Security Practices :
Vulnerability assessment, Security automation, Red teaming
Backend :
FastAPI, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Go
Frontend :
ReactJS, NextJS, HTML, Javascript
Database :
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Kusto
DevOps :
Docker, GitHub Actions, AWS, GCP


QuickXSS :
Bash script to test for XSS vulnerabilities.
ServerGen :
CRA (create-react-app) alternative for NodeJS.
DependAware :
Automated NPM dependency updates
BugBlogs :
Open-source blog platform for security engineers.
FastAPI Supabase CRUD :
CRUD API using FastAPI and Supabase.

Blog Posts